About Us

The offices are abuzz with animal talk at the ADIDOG.PET. While that is indeed our area of business, we hear personal stories of pride and concern about our own home companions on a daily basis. In fact, some 80% of our staff keep one or more pets at home, or have done so in the past.

Since we are the kind of people who love and treasure pets, when we get together, we share our passion for our pet care products. Whatever task we may be doing, we are always asking ourselves if each product is really the best it can be for our pets. We won’t ever compromise, because we know pet care is a “life industry,” and that gives us a keen sense of responsibility.

We envision a society where pets and people are happier and more harmonious together. Accordingly, we are not just a manufacturer that makes and sells things, we are a company with a mission, as a leader in our industry, to build a deeper understanding of our animal friends among the general public. 

Pets are precious partners to human beings. The life of a pet is irreplaceable. All our employees understand that, and because we share the perspective of pet lovers everywhere, we are sure that ADIDOG.PET will continue to win customers and lead the way in pet care supplies.